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Virginia Real Estate & Develop is a powerful resource for individuals or groups searching for real estate investment opportunities.  

We can help you...

•  Approach specific development properties by partnering with investors or buyers.

•  Purchase homes in order to restore and then sell them with a healthy profit.

•  Fund real estate purchases that have higher interest rates.

•  Invest in real estate via a trust instrument (deed of trust) that may provide a return rate as high as 7% - 10%.

•  Build buildings to lease and even partner with developers and construction companies to build and lease large commercial complexes.

•  Engage investment groups that purchase timberlands that may provide you with a means to supplement your retirement.

•  Buy land or rental property for equity.

In what ways would you like to invest in the world of real estate?   We have a vast supply of ideas and we specialize in making unique real estate opportunities available to you throughout Virginia.