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Mike Pintz

Mike Pintz

(804) 798-2440 or
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Fax: (804) 798-2463

License # 0225 044135

Mike was born on February 3, 1945 in Richmond and grew up in Henrico County, Virginia. After graduating from Richmond's Hermitage High School he majored in Liberal Arts at Chowan Junior College and then graduated from Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

He taught school and coached athletics for five years after college.   In 1973 he became an owner of Spring Hill Greenhouses, Inc. in Ashland, Virginia. For 17 years he operated its wholesale plant production that supplied greenhouse crops to much of eastern Virginia and parts of Maryland.

In the late 1980's Mike started a manufacturers representative company that sold horticultural products to chains and garden centers. He managed 17 representatives throughout 17 states. He chose to sell products recognized worldwide for quality, including products from the German based ASB Greenworld that was the largest producer of peat products in the world.   Some of Mike's original sub representatives now have their own companies and are still selling some of the lines he originally designated.

During the mid 1980's, he also owned, developed and operated the retail outlet and garden center, Hanover Greenhouse and Country Market. Strategically located along the northern corridor of Richmond's U.S. Route 1, the site offered Mike some of his first experience in commercial land development. He sold the site to an automobile dealership, still operating today.

Mike became a real estate agent in 1992.   In 1997, Mike opened Virginia Real Estate and Development, Inc. (VARED), located in the heart of Ashland, Virginia.   VARED developed its own headquarters, a new multiple offices complex on the site of a previous tractor dealership. This owner-office concept was one of the first in the Hanover area.

The role of sports in Mike's life has fostered strong work ethics and a passion for integrity. From the days of Little League through high school, he excelled in leadership. Three-time All District High School Baseball Team member, captain of Chowan's baseball and football teams, and a Guilford College scholarship recipient, Mike applied himself to pursuing excellence. Values of teamwork, determination, practice, commitment and perseverance naturally pour from his sports experiences into his business.   Christian principles and the Golden Rule (to treat others the same way you want to be treated) frame his lifestyle.

Mike enjoys the outdoors, hunting, fishing, bike riding, lifting weights and martial arts.