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Surry County Land

Virginia Real Estate & Development, Inc. specializes in unique real estate opportunities in Surry County. Please contact one of our agents today at 804-798-2440 or toll free 800-550-2440.

Surry County is something special. Time stands still in the marshlands and the pines, unchanged since Indians used stone-age weapons to hunt. The waters of the James River define the county shoreline and provides food and recreation. The ferryboat, linking Surry County with historic Jamestown, remains another unchanging icon. Surry's rich soil nourishes corn, soybeans, and peanuts. Livestock graze on the fields. Enjoy the quiet, strength and enduring beauty as Surry County celebrates over 350 years of history.


In spring of 1607, three tiny ships carried 104 men and boys from England to a mighty river they named James after King James I of England. They first landed beside a high bluff on the south side of the river near the present town of Claremont, Surry, where they visited the Quioughcohancock Indians. The settlers decided to build a fort on Jamestown Island and Jamestown became the first permanent settlement in British North America. By 1609 Smith's Fort was built on a high bluff on Gray's Creek, Surry, and Hog Island had settlers, hogs, and a fort.

Surry separated from James City County in 1652 and became a huge county extending to the North Carolina border. Gradually other counties formed and great plantations and small family farms flourished as the colony prospered.

Today Surry County remembers its past and looks toward the future. It is proud of its history, its natural beauty, and the hospitality of its citizens.